Liminal Reality and Transformational Power — The Lutterworth Press

One of our newly published titles, Liminal Reality and Transformational Power explores transitional periods, those liminal moments of life. For the unintiated, liminality describes a place between, a moment where one thing has ceased to be what it was but has yet to become what it will be. Liminality commonly represents moments of unknowing in […]

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Fellowship of Libraries — Kelly Webber

In an age in which books can be downloaded on e-readers from the comforts of home, and the internet provides the same information as encyclopedias at a faster rate, appreciation of libraries is decreasing at a rapid and alarming rate. However, the value of libraries has not decreased. People still depend on libraries in a […]

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Wolf Teeth, Cradle Knives, and Other Early Modern Sleep Superstitions — WebInvestigatorKK

‘Book of Black Magic’ (late 1500s, England) (courtesy Chetham’s Library). The ‘Book of Black Magic’ records spells that allow the magician to converse with spirits, find treasures, and summon the “Queen of the Pharies.” This book was sometimes circulated under the name of Roger Bacon, the famous English philospher. by Allison Meier Sleep for early […]

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Wisdom — Our Rainy Journey

Definition from Psychology Today. “It can be difficult to define Wisdom, but people generally recognize it when they encounter it. Psychologists pretty much agree it involves an integration of knowledge, experience, and deep understanding that incorporates tolerance for the uncertainties of life as well as its ups and downs. There’s an awareness of how things […]

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Reid Research Library

Placeholder ImageHello! My name is Amber, and I am the imaginer of Reid Research Library! I’ve created this blog and the RRL webpage for my Integrated Technologies in Libraries course I’m taking.  I am a graduate student studying for my Masters in Library Science.  All of the images used, in this blog and on the corresponding webpage are from the public domain, or I have been given permission to use, and I take no credit for any of them!  All names used are fictional and do not represent any real persons.